Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nightgown I just bought on ebay

Sets are really important to me - I love the separate pieces, but I really need the sets to make myself feel justified in having the lingerie.

Nightgown I just bought on ebay, originally uploaded by lexose.

Just got this on EBay for ten bucks plus insane shipping, but it matches the robe I got, now I have the set!

I really wish sellers wouldn't rape people on shipping though. I mean, come on.

Go to the dollar store and get those big manilla envelopes (pack of 6 is one dollar),

some tissue paper (90 sheets = 1.00) and if you really dont' have a pen, buy a pack of those as well.

3 bucks + tax and you have all the shipping materials you need.

This nightgown should only cost 2.00 at the absolute most to ship to me, yet I'm paying $4.95?


Regardless, I love the set. Even if I do look like a frilly cupcake.