Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sixty Pieces of Vintage Awesomeness, Ebay Is a RIPOFF

Celebrating my posting and having 60 items up simultaneously! Whee!


This beautiful MINT never worn Movie Star brand robe is at my Etsy currently for $14.99. Its a steal, seriously.

I've been getting rather irritated at some of the vintage sellers I've been seeing lately. I mean, come the hell on people! $50 bucks for a slip? are you out of your damn minds? I LOVE lingerie, especially vintage lingerie, but this is a piece of clothing that has been worn before. Its not worth all that much!?

Since I painted my room this awesome pink color I've been looking for a vintage bedspread. It doesn't have to be a 'chenille' bedspread but I want something authentic.

So I'm looking at Ebay for "bedspread" or "duvet" or whatever...and I find the biggest pile of bullcrap ever.

~~~here begins my ebay rant~~~~

EBay is a FREAKING RIP OFF~!!!!!
Make SURE you read the sellers "Terms and conditions"

One seller was selling a chenille bedspread (Twin) for 9.99...BUT the shipping cost was $25.00.(VIA USPS) I hope people don't fall for that crap too often.

One person refused to ship USPS First class mail because "she is an old lady and isn't about to go dumpster diving for boxes" (she was selling lingerie)
I guess they banned old ladies from dollar stores so they can't buy plain manila envelopes? BAH!

Instead of being a deceitful liar and greedy...just type in a declarative statement such as:
"I am charging you this much for shipping because I am a greedy asshole!"
Then its just being greedy. Which isn't as bad as making excuses and lying a bonus you gain some integrity and self respect.

Ebay and the USPS encourages this bullshit too!!! "print your own shipping" is just another way of saying "We won't tell them how much shipping really cost you" you have the option of showing the cost of the shipping?!?!?!?!

~~~end of my ebay rant~~~~

On a more positive note...I have 24 people who heart me on etsy :D:D:D:D:D that makes my tummy all fuzzy and joyous.

Vintage Vanity Fair Pink Gown with Pale Taupe lace

Many more items were added today!