Saturday, December 19, 2009

'statement necklaces'

Statement necklaces I saw on the 'projectrungay' blog amongst others...I'm guessing at the "statements" they are making. I feel I'm pretty right on.

This seriously looks like someone went into their grandmothers bathroom and stole their towel holder off the wall and made it into a terrible necklace. Seriously....
this thing is HIDEOUS.

Dear sweet unholy JESUS.

"I stole this from my grammy's bathroom wall"

"So, I was walking down the street and alien glowing jellyfish began attacking my neck!!!"

"I love Mr. Winky the ferret so much, I carry him with me always...and my collection of plastic 80's bracelets"

Thrifty and fashionable! "I use my suitcase handle as a lovely piece of neck decoration"