Thursday, January 7, 2010



One of the most important things to me is having pieces in my wardrobe that are versatile.

If I have a blouse/shirt/top that goes with five or six different ensembles, I am a happy person.

These blouses fit "Versitility"
1. A black blazer, some high waisted pants and you are a professional.
2. a pencil skirt and some seamed stockings with insanely cute t-straps and you have a sultry-librarian look
3. with jeans and boots you have a poetic young edwardian look
4. A vest and hoop earrings - gypsy look

The ruffles on the cuffs of the red shirt are uniquely feminine if poking out of a severe looking blazer. Here.

the gray top with the big bow is perfect for those of us without huge bosoms. It keeps the chest looking 'busy'. Here

The black on black ruffled blouse is SO soft, and it offers vertical stripes so if you over-indulged on delicious holiday cookies like yours truly, until the crunches and squats start to kick can look fabulous.

I adore this color. Teal isn't my favorite color, but on someone with blue, green, or hazel eyes, this blouse would be exquisite.


Warm pinks on a cold January or February day are a good idea.
This blouse would look so delicious with grays and browns, if you have tweed skirts and are a plus size this color is an absolute necessity.

Valentines Day is INCOMING....Why is V-day in winter anyway? You are supposed to wear sexy slinky lingerie after eating like a complete hog over the holidays...your tan is long gone so your skin is all pasty white....the lack of sunlight is enough to depress anyone...

so I'm going to be (feeling like at least) a fat, pasty white sausage in a teddy?