Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another shop update in time for back to school wardrobes

This is the cutest dress ever!  Check out the pockets!  I love the detail with the buttons and all that.  Unfortunately for me, this is a size 4.  Check it out here!

This sweater is really cute with its bell sleeves, cute mesh weave, scoop neck and peplum.  Size small to xsmall.  Go here to get a better look!

A long sleeved 80s does the 40s reproduction white blouse with dainty embroidery, perfect for underneath a tailored blazer or with a pencil skirt.  Size Large - here

This is a really fabulous 80s does the 40s reproduction of a rayon swing dress.  Instead of rayon, its polyester (yay for no hand washing or dry cleaning!) Its a size 12 and it can be found here

This is a size 34 full slip by Vanity Fair.  It features princess seaming, a gorgeous bodice and thick ribbon straps.   Find it here!
A size 40 Van Raalte Full Slip with great details and a beautiful feel.  See it here

Finally...I am going to show you my absolutely bestest favoritest thing in my shop (for this week anyway :D)

Details, more photos, and all that stuff are all HERE