Monday, August 9, 2010

To the beach and beyond

Dogs in the Chesapeake Bay enjoying the water
Sebastian, Paul and Arthur at Chesapeake Bay
Wow, what a vacation we had!  It's approximately 4 1/2 hours from Allentown, PA to New Church, Virginia.  The dog-friendly bed and breakfast "The Garden and Sea Inn" was FABULOUS.  Great food, decently priced, but rather far from any beaches.

We took the dogs to Chesapeake Bay on Wednesday.  Arthur frolicked about leash-less and Sebastian had to be tethered to one of us the whole time.  He hates getting wet anyway, I think its the German Shepard in him.

When we got back to the room we put them in their collapsible kennels (Arthur HATES these).  We tired them out so Sebastian would sleep while we went to Assateague Island's beach. (Dogs are not allowed on the wildlife refuge-for very good reasons).

Well, we drove to the island and stopped at a gas station for beverages when I got a very polite phone call from the B&B owner.  Apparently Sebastian had not stopped barking since we left. 

Back to the B&B.  By this point, I had made a decision that we were going to take the dogs back and that was IT.  Sebastian isn't a big fan of traveling and I didn't want him to work himself up into a heart attack because we left for 10 minutes.  We drove back to PA and arrived home by 7:00, stayed the night and drove back to Virginia the next morning.

The rest of the vacation was fantastic.  At the bed and breakfast we met a stray cat we named "Mr. Biggles".

I wanted to take him home, but we didn't know what to do with him while we were in West Virginia, if he wasn't litter-box trained it could result in some expensive cleaning bills at the cabin!

Paul and I swam about in the ocean, he kept making me laugh when waves came so I swallowed tons of sea water.
Paul and I squinting a lot!
We stayed on Chincoteague island and bought some cheesy souvenirs for my nephew, mom and his parents.

It was so much fun!
Vintage Bathing Suits are awesome!

Nothing eventful really happened after that, which is awesome.  We relaxed, had fun, and just enjoyed each other and the scenery.  I really want to go back next year!