Thursday, May 3, 2012

1947 Sears Catalog - another post on underpants!

For Christmas, my future brother in law gave me an authentic 1947 Sears Catalog.  Needless to say this was my absolute favorite gift next to the AUTHENTIC vintage pound puppy my sister got me.

After staring lustfully at shoes for an hour, then dresses for another hour...I came across the lingerie portion.

The materials are mainly rayon.  of course, this was rationing and even in the United States textiles were used towards the war effort rather than frivolity.  Women needed their underwear however, and who doesn't love rayon?
And the definitions changed slightly:

A.  The model is wearing a "band leg brief"
B.  Picture to the center left is a "panty"
C.  Picture next to it is a "step-in panty"

The lower right hand corner are "lacy leg flare panties" and they make lovely gifts.

Now, on the opposite page, the model is also wearing band legged briefs. (picture B.)
The top is a "vest" (picture A)
Picture C. top right hand side is a flare leg panty
Picture D.  Band Leg Brief in the middle of the page
Picture E. are Bloomers

there weren't many 'bloomers' in this edition of the 1947 Sears catalog.  I believe they were being phased out by this time, but there were likely some old timers that kept them in demand.  As I stated before BLOOMERS - have elastic at waist and knee, and a closed crotch design.  Obviously by 1947 there weren't any open crotch drawers to be had.

 So the evidence is inconclusive until I get more catalog images.  I'm thinking though, these definitions changed from decade to decade.

More photos are in my Flickr 
The "fit" Guide
This shows "Falsies" - fake breasts!

For the larger busted woman. 

 Maidenform, Bras that lift, shape etc.
and the obligatory strapless bra with wires and crazy stuff
 These are for the REALLY busty ladies apparently.

For the small to medium bust types.

For the small to medium bust types.

Some Garterbelts, Girdles, and shapeware:

Fit guide!
So I am uploading more photos of this catalog on my flickr account.  I also have intentions of uploading a few photos of the 1922 catalog.  I hope this is useful!