Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mad World - Indirectly I'm famous!

Last night I received an order for a 1960's bedspread that I had listed in my Etsy shop for a few months. 
The individual asked me to please express ship it (a very expensive procedure) and I was happy to comply. 

Turns out the individual works as a set director for the Television Series "Mad Men"!

Ack!  My spread is going to be on television!  Probably made into a fabulous outfit of some kind!  I AM TOTALLY FAMOUS!  Well, my bedspread is.

A couple of months ago I received another order from yet another studio, this time it was for a 1940's WWII rayon pajama set. 

That individual worked on the set of "Bomb Girls" a TV show in Canada, (soon to be broadcasted in the USA!).

I've also had someone ask permission to use my photograph in their book - but that was published in the United Kingdom, I never had the opportunity to check this one out.

Several people who create costumes for plays have bought from me as well.  I don't usually ask, but when an abnormal request for super expensive shipping occurs I have to search out of curiosity.  As for shop updates, I added a bunch of Feed Sacks and some fabrics.  I'm going to be adding stuff slowly, due to time constraints with my wedding on June first and working at the greenhouse again.

Fine vintage lingerie will be updated as well, I have some great lingerie to post!