Monday, November 4, 2013


Yeppers! Right now my desktop PC is taking a long painful crap.  Right after I bought the iPhone 5s.  So as most of the population knows those aren't conducive to a budget normally but I wanted to treat both Paul and I to something extravagant. 

Initially it was just my hard drive, thats cool, I got a new one from  I get the harddrive and realize that I didn't get an SATA cable.  *SIGH* Order a cable from (and some more RAM).  Get the cable, get the RAM, Desktop seems to be fine for about two or three days.  BAM. another windows boot error.    So I'm working on that one.

Regardless, all my pictures and wedding stuff is on that computer, now I'm working with my faithful laptop.  (Toshiba man, the best bloody laptops anyone could buy ever-it hasn't ever given me the slightest difficulty ever).

SOOOOooo needless to say, I'm not going to be updating anything wedding related anytime soon.

I did get my butt in gear and put a bunch of restoration and architectural pieces in my etsy shop.  The most beautiful Art Nouveau bathroom hardware pieces I've ever seen!

It inspired me to start a whole new section "Architectural Antiques"

Soap Holder (wall mounted)

Its going to be an interesting couple of weeks.