Monday, May 4, 2009

Vintage lingerie acquisition and separation...:(

I went to a flea market called renningers with my fiance on saturday where he purchased a HUGE tacklebox full of fishing gear. One of the lures was a bakelight lure? That was pretty weird, I thought they used bakelight for a lot of stuff but fishing lures? Regardless, he has enough hooks to last him the rest of his life.

We also saw some really neat stuff like these radios. They work!

I sold a beautiful nightgown - Kind of sad about this one, I truly loved it but not my size. I hope the purchaser loves it as much as I do!

I also sold a vintage Lilyette bra with the falsies in it to someone. Another chiffon and lace super awesome bra. I didn't price it high enough according to some of my friends, but dammit...I think whomever purchased it will love it and feel beautiful in it just the same.

And lastly a Hungarian peasant blouse that is fantastic. absolutely beautiful piece. I really hope the person who bought it wears it well! :) Its romantic and very very cute. obscenely cute.

I've come to the conclusion that a lacy Van Raalte piece I was on the fence about selling IS NOW MINE! MUHAHAHAH! This slip is pretty flawed anyway. It has fuzzies on the lace and all that and I don't like selling things unless they are really mint...

More stuff like a Lemon yellow gossard artemis peignoir set coming to etsy. Wait till you see this one!