Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vassarette Cami - Front View

Vassarette Cami - Front View, originally uploaded by lexose.

Vintage camisoles are versatile, sexy and economical and I shall explain why.
1.) Camisoles are great as sleepwear with cute panties.
2.) They have adjustable straps so you can make them more low cut or higher depending on your mood or location.
3.) Camisoles can be worn under just about anything and improve an outfit. Cardigans, blazers, paper bags, low cut sweaters, the list is endless. they make an ordinary cardigan or low cut sweater more feminine and pretty with just a peek of lace at the top.
4.) Camisoles aren't expensive. This Vassarette Camisole is 2.99 at my etsy.
5.) Camisoles make clothing less scratchy, like cute sweaters made of obnoxiously itchy material
6.) they can be worn as a summer top.
7.) The materials they are made of are TO DIE FOR!
8.) They come in hundreds of styles, colors and cuts. Princess lines, different laces, some are silk, nylon, cotton, all are awesome.
9.) Lingerie in general makes you feel beautiful, why not get as much as you can?
10.) when you buy Vintage Camisoles you are helping the planet by recycling beautiful lingerie. 11.) Vintage = better quality anyway, they last forever!
So all in all, I recommend getting a few camisoles.