Friday, May 1, 2009

Etsy and me

I've put up tons of awesome vintage clothing in the last couple days, no lingerie however. I have some really neat stuff incoming, I just haven't had the chance to measure and photograph it due to weather.

I added a "Vintage Sale" section, some super cute stuff for less then 5 bucks. Barbizon, vassarette, you know. the classic beauties we all know and love.

I have a vanity fair gown in periwinkle blue with this amazing sweeping hemline (I think its like 102 inches?)

A robe in a deeper blue by vanity fair, lots of lace.

Both are in AMAZING mint condition. absolutely NO flaws at all. Believe me I looked for something, anything at all wrong 3 times now.

I've decided instead of obtaining vintage clothing, I'm going to focus on lingerie. Its my passion, I absolutely LOVE lingerie and its where my knowledge base lies.