Monday, June 22, 2009


Another sunny day! My fiance and I went to our community garden plot for the first time in a month - it was a complete mess. The entire plot was just weeds - I mean, there is no excuse for our laziness, we should have braved the rain and gone down to the plot several times by now, and I intend on being a bit more consistent now.

My garden at home - the roses are all bloomed out and my miniature rosebush has tons of mold all over the place. the other rose bushes are similarly affected, its just all this damn rain. On a positive note some of the garden is flourishing
The Mandevilla is doing extremely well

and check out these hollyhocks!

today was a good day for Arthur too!

He was so happy to be in the sun he was rolling around and grunting like a pig. I had to take a picture!

I also got around to posting a full slip by Movie Star (I'm thinking its from the early fifties). Its opaque enough to wear as a dress and its bias cut and damn sexy. free shipping!