Friday, June 19, 2009

yay for sun!

The sun actually came out today! it was only for a few hours and it didn't really clear up till 3 in the afternoon but I'm taking what i can get at this point!

So...I took a ton of photos!
and I put them on my etsy!
a barbizon black slip with chiffon trim, a white aristocraft xsmall full slip.
is this not the girliest slip you've ever seen? its gorgeous of course, but wow, that is a whole lot of ruffles lace and stuff!.

I hand washed a bunch of hankies I found in the attic. I'm not going to sell them, but I sure wish I knew how to quilt.

it is supposed to rain all weekend again. my roses are rotting and all my plants are looking waterlogged. they are not getting enough sun and I am pretty sure fungus is going to start destroying my dahlias. :( stupid rain.

I'm pretty sure Arthur is trying to kill me. He has the WORST GAS EVER and insists on sitting right behind my computer chair. I chase him out and he looks at me like I'm the nastiest person alive so I don't have the heart to yell at him again.