Thursday, June 18, 2009


Rain rain go away...sweet Jesus, just for like a DAY or two! What the hell?!

I'd be happy with a sunny HOUR at this point. What a crap spring - summer this is so far!?

I take all my photos of stuff for my Etsy shop outside so I cannot do much until the rain stops. I'm going nuts, all these slips and gowns are taking over my room - I don't even want to discuss the workroom!

This much rain makes me all slow and lazy too. So the stuff I 'should' be doing, I don't. I just want to curl up with a novel and read my life away.

I got my college acceptance letter. Basically they say "Congratulations, now give us a $200.00 Advanced Registration Deposit" - which is basically a fancy name fee that doesn't really have a definite purpose. I’m sure they could tell me a bunch of explanations where the fee goes, like paperwork and such, which is sort of like the justification of paying an obscene amount for college textbooks.

“We have to keep the college bookstore heated and air-conditioned (its in the school itself), plus we have employees working at the store (for $7.00 an hour) so we charge $120.00 for a textbook, it’s a new edition so you can’t get a used copy for $70.00, oh no…they changed the cover slightly and there are updated web urls that you’ll never visit!”
Assclowns I tell you….assclowns.

On the Brightside, I found some SUPERDOOPERAWESOMENESS yesterday:

Yellow Elephant Bank. Note the ferocity and wisdom of a yellow elephant.

Homer Laughlin Pitcher from 1938 - I ADORE poppies

Yellow Daisy canisters. There are only two of them, but they are airtight and hella cool

a corsage slip? I've never heard of the company before now, It'll be on my Etsy after I research the company a bit. AND IT STOPS RAINING - AHHHHHH