Thursday, June 4, 2009

dogs -

My dog, Sebastian, was found running around about 10 miles from here by a friend of mine. He had been a stray in the area for about 6 weeks, before that nobody knows where he came from or who's dog he was. He had a purple collar on with no tags. Apparently, my friend was driving and almost hit him with his car, when he stopped the dog jumped in the passenger seat and well...that was that.

I had lost my dog about a month before that due to kidney failure so I was hesitant to take in another pet. When I saw him though, of course I melted into a pile of gooey crap. One look at his big beagle eyes and I couldn't say no.

We tried finding his owner for a month before I decided he was staying with us. By then he was pretty much a permanent fixture in our household anyway. We took him to the vet and had them give him his shots and they estimated his age to be about 1 1/2 years old.

When the vet listened to his heart he told us he had a murmur and we should get him to a cardiologist to have that checked out. Well, $250.00 later, it was found he had a defective valve - a really bad defective valve. He is now on a medication normally used for heart failure in dogs, but its working and he is alive and quite well. He is an excellent dog, probably the most intelligent animal I've ever owned. Stubborn, but really an all around gentle and sweet dog.

So I can not get him neutered. If he goes under anesthesia and he most likely won't come out of it alive.

A few months after Sebastian came into our lives, a friend of my fathers asked me if I wanted a puppy. If I didn't take him, he would be taken to a shelter.

I figured that to prolong Sebastian's existence on this planet, maybe a companion would be a good idea?
In comes a gangly, goofy, lovey dovey little black pit bull / chocolate lab mix puppy named Arthur.

They got along famously. Sebastian was sure to teach him to dig holes in the yard, bark in the middle of the night for no reason, chase birds, you know...all the important dog stuff to know. Sebastian was really tolerant of Arthur constantly wanting to play and chewing on his face.

I waited until Arthur was 7 months old to get him neutered.

When he came back lacking his....jewels... Sebastian started to hump him. And I'm not talking regular dominance humping, I'm talking MANIC.

It took us a week to figure out that Sebastian was smelling a female in heat.

Dogs can smell females in heat 1 mile away. Sebastian is a beagle for the most part, his sense of smell is pretty sensitive...yay.

So whenever a female dog is within 1 mile of my dog, and she goes into heat, my darling Sebastian turns into a rapist...and Arthur is his victim.

So the neighbor who lives in an apartment next door got a female dog. She adopted the dog, no problems. good for them. well the day before they are supposed to take her in to get her fixed, she goes into heat.

I was ready to neuter him myself using my bare hands by Wednesday.

Its been a horrible week. really really bad week.