Tuesday, June 2, 2009

vintage shoes and my struggle :(

Oh my god do I LOVE vintage shoes!!!

There are several lovely women who are really dedicated to their vintage look thing and when they post photos of themselves in the amazing outfits they put together include the shoes.

I should really stop reading those blogs, the shoes are making me insane-crazy with lust for 30 pairs of vintage shoes and coordinating handbags.

I've been searching for a couple pairs for myself, Etsy seems to have an interesting selection but the ones in my size are usually from the 80's

(NOTE: I'm not a big fan of the 80's, I lived through them and I am VERY HAPPY they are over)

Another issue did all women have exceptionally small and narrow feet back then or what? I'm pretty sure they didn't, I mean, the reason people are selling these new old stock shoes now is because they didn't sell. Because they are really WEIRD sizes like 9AAA narrow, and the small sizes will fit little cloven hooves.
Most women probably had normal sized feet, those shoes were purchased and worn.

The very few pair I found that are feasible have very blurry photos. I won't buy something with blurry photos- one would be OK, but 5 consecutive blurry pictures does make me highly suspicious of the condition of the item(s).

~~another rant about selling online~~

If you are going to go through the whole process of selling something, how hard is it to focus a damn camera?

Go outside in daylight and take photos! Natural light is flattering, its spring so temperature isn't an excuse!!!

Do not hold the camera if you can't hold it still or have a high ISO set. Either cut down on the caffeinated beverages before you take pictures or get a tripod.

Eyesight isn’t all that great? Get someone else to help you out with your photos! Post it on a message board and ask if the picture is too blurry. I’d totally help out with that. Most people are innately good and generous by nature and generally like to help out.

Thats all.

So Tomorrow I am going on a quest for some sort of heeled Mary Jane type shoe.
preferably black and leather...and of course vintage.