Monday, June 29, 2009

gardening, gambling, greatness and mourning a pineapple plant.

Gambling hasn’t ever really been my thing, however this Saturday evening I went to the new casino with several friends. I played some slot machines, went in and spent $35 and left with $50. The second I got ahead I cashed out. Two of my other friends did the same but the third companion lost $160.00. I can’t fathom that, apparently its fun to lose a couple hundred dollars at a time? I don’t know, after taking Probability and Statistics and learning that the casino always comes out ahead…the idea of winning big totally lost its mysterious charm.

After the casino we walked around downtown Bethlehem window shopping. It was early enough that this awesome vintage store Underwired was still open and had quite a few awesome 50's shirt dresses I had to peel myself away from.

Sunday my fiance and I went to a friends pool, I had forgotten what chlorine does to my hair. Its amazing really, I look like I was thrown in the dryer for too long without fabric softener. I also fell in love with a bathing suit by Betsey Johnson. She rules - her bathing suits look like lingerie!

I got a few hours in my garden, a good way to end a weekend! The roses are all still blooming along with some of the lilies that were planted a few years back. (I adore them!)

The Cone flowers around this pole somehow reseeded themselves here.

My sister (who works in a nursery and consequentially has the most beautiful gardens EVER) gave me a few Zinnias. I love Zinnias, they are bright, cheery and come in beautiful colors - every time I've tried to plant them from seed I have failed miserably so I kind of pretend they don't exist. These are doing beautifully though! I may grab some more of them...I'm running out of room in my garden though- which sucks.

Bee Balm smells heavenly and thats just starting to bloom. I've got a weird white dusty fungus on some of the leaves, I'm not entirely sure how I should go about fixing that yet.

And a memorial to my pineapple plant.

It was just starting to ripen and get all luscious looking and a chipmunk ate 1/2 of the damn thing. Bastard chipmunk!

I've been offering free shipping (us) on many many items in my etsy shop. I need to make room for new inventory. :)