Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rabbits, more cute shoes and a swim suit for me!

seriously, i never thought i would become a bloodthirsty hater of rodents.

I mean, the chipmunk eating my pineapple plant is one thing. It makes sense sort of, a fruit + hungry chipmunk = no fruit and happy chipmunk. I wouldn't aim for one while driving.

groundhogs are great too, I think they are fabulous.

Squirrels harass my dogs, but I think they are funny and cute. I brake for squirrels.

Rabbits don't like marigolds right? I think that's pretty common knowledge, they don't like marigolds or onions.

this photo WAS my marigold its the sad looking bright green stick in the center of the picture:
All of them are like that now. I have not a single marigold. Today I walked outside and I caught one eating my Gladiolus. They haven't even bloomed yet! WTF.
I found rabbit turds by my tomatoes too. I will aim for the next rabbit that jumps in front of my car and not feel bad about it.

On a very positive note....
I found the perfect vintage swim suit. Its never been worn and fits me pretty damn well. I've always loved the little skirt thing on older suits. I already have a 2 piece but this one is for when I feel chubby

I also found the cutest shoes ever:
seriously AWESOME shoes.

I have so much awesome stuff to photograph, post on my etsy etc.
I know I should be doing that instead of looking for more cute stuff for myself...

July sales are not great because people are outside anyway.
They are probably setting big metal traps for rabbits because they are evil.

The play suit I got a couple days ago needed new elastic. With help from my mom I replaced it all. It was probably the easiest thing I've sewn in a long time. It took maybe 20 minutes and that is including the merciless seam ripping.

The size is a 34 C cup. I am not exaggerating when I say it should be sized a 34 DD at least...I mean, the boob cups on this thing are HUGE. Definitely NOT a C.
Crappy elastic.
New Elastic. yay!

happy thursday!