Wednesday, July 8, 2009

lingerie, picture failure, cars

I posted 2 very pretty nightgowns on Etsy this evening.

Somehow...during the transfer process I lost literally 92 photos on my digital camera.

No point in getting upset or pissed off freaking photos of inventory = many hours of work.

One of the best pictures was of Arthur eating my flip flop. :( he looked so cute with the green drool. He didn't actually *swallow* any of it, he just enjoys ripping shoes apart for some reason.

I'm car shopping right now, my Volkswagen has just about had it. The engine is fine, the body is rusting out though. It makes me sad, I love my little red VW and I would probably drive it forever if I could.

My friends all drive SUV's which I flat out refuse to get. There is nothing safe about them and they are gas guzzling boxes of flaming death. Thanks to global warming we don't get snow anyway. Regardless, all wheel drive = all 4 wheels slip on ice ;)

I'm going to be driving 25 miles one way to college in fall, I really need like a smartcar or prius or something, but finding one used will be a bitch.

Happy summer!