Sunday, July 12, 2009

adamstown pennsylvania, shoes, good times

I went to Adamstown, Pennsylvania last Sunday and I took some pictures with my phone, they aren't fabulous because of the limitations of my camera on it:

These are from the Mad Hatter Antique Mall. My godfather recommended this particular place because at one time it was a hat factory, very interesting building.

Here are a TON of mixing bowls, the display was very tasteful:
Pardon the not so great picture, but aren't they awesome?!More mixing bowls, etc. Thank god I didn't have a credit card or I would be in debt up to my ears.
The wall deco was terrific too!

yay for kitsch!
The appliances were pretty awesome, these are just a very few of what they offered:
They came in all colors!

The coolest thing I saw was this Marja display. Ugh, its not that good of a picture and I totally apologize. The bra itself has black hands appliqued on each cup. Pretty naughty ;)

Adamstown is dubbed "Antiques Capital of the World" and it really seems to be, we passed countless antique co ops and dealers.

Unfortunately with that many experts you don't get any deals, everything is priced precisely according to its expected value-and the dealers aren't even physically there to haggle with.

We also went to Shupp's Grove Antique market. We got there kind of late but there was some neat stuff. I saw some handmade jewelry I lusted after and some clever handmade diaper-pant-things for babies.

I will probably visit again in a few weeks on a rainy weekend, poking through old stuff makes me happy.

My fiance worked 69 hours this week (overtime covering for a coworkers vacation) and we went to dinner. I finally had the opportunity to wear my (SUPER-AWESOME!!!!!!!) tap shoes and a polka-dotted dress. It also gave me an opportunity to wear my favorite van raalte slip yay!

I really need to learn how to do hair. I need a book or something. I have absolutely NO idea what I am doing. Suggestions would be enthusiastically and gratefully received.

Speaking of slips *wink*I just posted a beautiful charmode slip in my etsy shop with tons of pleats and lace. its a 36 short and absolutely flawless!

I'm going to be cleaning and organizing more stuff this week but I have a ton of new inventory I've been meaning to post. A lot of beautiful stuff!

Hope your weekends were awesome.