Friday, July 17, 2009

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Dog Days

Sebastian in my closet.
It finally feels like summer! The dogs aren't exactly
joyous, Sebastian decided that his favorite new place to hang out is my
closet for some reason.

Arthur sprawled out on his dog bed
Arthur sprawls out like a corpse on his bed. It doesn't look
all that comfortable to me but I'm not a dog.
Arthur got a new toy. I made the mistake of letting him take
it outside, and now its really gross looking.

At one time it was a pheasant and it made noise, now its a sad version of a
muddy duck looking thing. As long as he keeps it outside I'm indifferent.

gross dog toy

Inspiration to Organize

Allow me to start with a quotation:

"A spotless house is a sign of a misspent life" -

((Well, my life certainly is the FARTHEST thing from misspent))

I was browsing through etsy forums and found a few 'organization' threads. Different people uploaded photos of their workrooms and made Flickr albums.

I have NEVER in my life seen a craft/sewing space that wasn't so cluttered you
could barely walk. My entire family are the artsy creative types, my grandmother and mother both sew - and their sewing rooms (its always a room WITH a door) are a total mess.

I was curious so I started searching for some peoples 'after' pictures of craft and sewing rooms.

jenny b has the most INCREDIBLE workspace I have EVER SEEN!!! her blog on typepad. I almost wept with pure envy! GAH!

Armed with this knowledge, that spaces primarily used for creative activities can be organized and attractive...
I decided to tackle the entire house - my mom and I are the types of people that accumulate weird wacky items and have grandiose plans to use them in a future project. Those projects often take years to begin because we have tons of projects going presently, eventually the stuff gets used, but gets ridiculous.

So starting with the attic I began my ceremonial "Throwing everything away that isn't absolutely necessary because I don't know what else to do and I am totally overwhelmed" thing.

And I am still on it.

I was going to post embarrassing photos of how messy my home is, but I think I will wait for a better opportunity (Like when I have "AFTER" photos)!

Vintage Apparel

Barbizon "True Beau" Full Slip

This slip is one of my favorites, Barbizon is a fantastic company!