Thursday, July 23, 2009

updating pictures, organizing, college

I read a bunch of stuff on photography and I decided to edit some of the photos in my Etsy shop. I wasn't entirely sure if this was a good idea or not, its a pain in the rear quite frankly. One of the suggestions was to "keep your merchandise in its natural element" and I was thinking...what the hell is the natural element for lingerie except UNDER clothing? Maybe the bedroom? This corset bra by marja is pretty awesome-I would wear it outside if it was my size. :)

I've been throwing stuff out left and right in an attempt to organize my life. I decided to do a little each day instead of just devoting my existence to the attic.

I had my college orientation on Monday. It was this registration / welcome to college for transfer students. I talked to an adviser and the Anthropology department is shorthanded this semester. I was not at all impressed with the department as a whole. I'm investigating other schools for next semester. I should have listened to my gut-I'm not about to waste the $500.00 I spent (about) on getting myself established as a full time student.
I'm going to try a semester or two and transfer if I absolutely hate it - why waste the grant money?
The classes do sound interesting. I only have one "Intro" class (archaeology) which will probably kick ass.