Monday, July 27, 2009

Wearing Vintage Slips - more than just Lingerie

Full Slips

Awesome ways to wear a full slip:

  1. A tunic top with skinny jeans or leggings
  2. A camisole top with a skirt - add a cardigan or a blazer, even a button down to make the outfit more casual or formal.
  3. A skirt with a cute top
  4. A FANTASTIC summer nightgown, these babies are sexy, cool and feel fabulous on really warm summer evenings.
  5. Layering two full slips: not only help the transparency but A white chiffon pleated hem and a black lace are quite a nice effect, exercise caution and taste with this option ;)
  6. Summer dress, with the appropriate undergarments of course.
Black Full Slip With Pleated bodice and hemBesides those alternatives, there are excellent reasons one should wear a slip. An informative and cleverly written article by Susan Wagner on BlogHer
these reasons. To briefly summarize the
entry she explains that a full slip allows garments to lay properly over curves, prevents bunching, clinging or sticking in weird places.When a garment hangs correctly, it gives a sleek, slim and polished look. And you never know how sheer something is in when trying it on in a dressing room - broad daylight could render a really cute dress or skirt completely sheer and exposing your sponge-bob boy shorts! Click here to read the full article by Susan Wagner on BlogHer

Half Slips

I've just begun to wear these recently. I prefer full slips but a sheer sundress or dress that is strapless doesn't allow for a full slip.

  1. Layering these make wonderful romantic looking skirts, again, the hems are so feminine and pretty!
  2. half slips hide the dreaded Visible Panty Lines, so when not having a 'thong' day, wear a half slip and whatever panties you want.
  3. Not to be redundant but under a sundress. Dresses are less likely to stick to sweaty posteriors, not to mention they protect the garment itself.
  4. Obviously there are different lengths of half slips. The more opaque the more easily you can wear them as a skirt.