Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacation !!!

What a fantastic weekend!!!! I was totally relaxed.
This past weekend my fiancé and I had an opportunity to go on vacation with our dogs in West Virginia in my new car. The car was my birthday gift from my
fiancé and it ran like a dream. 3 1/2 hours with two dogs isn't as bad as
I thought it would be. Arthur and Sebastian slept almost the entire ride
down and back with no real problem.

Previous vacations have sucked because I worry about my dogs the whole time. I don't want to ever take them to a kennel because the ones I've toured are little white rooms with dogs barking and going ape shit because they only get 4 five minute walks a day and are put back. No interaction, no fun. I couldn't do that to my dogs.

So my friends boyfriend has a cabin in West Virginia right along the Shenandoah river. They love dogs, have no children (much like my
fiancé and I) so they invited us along on a long weekend.

Arthur and Sebastian checking out the Cabin

Arthur after a marathon hike through the woods and a swim in the river.

fiancé being very manly with a handgun.

Arthur and I played in the river, Sebastian sunbathed on the shore while I basked in a tube on river most of the day reading and napping like a beached whale.

The fiancé caught the largest fish he has ever caught.
(so large apparently it screwed up all the fishing line)

My friends boyfriend and fiancé then spent the afternoon shooting their guns off the deck at squirrel shaped targets.

I insisted that we check out at least one thrift

store (itwasmybirthdaydammit!!!) I managed to pick up a beautiful early 60s formal gown, a early 70's pinafore and a Miss Siren bed jacket, a Nan Flower sexy little
bridal nightie and a 70s wool skirt.

By the end of the monthI am planning on a HUGE HUGE HUGE sale in my Etsy shop. BUY ONE GET ONE 1/2 OFF!!!! stay tuned!