Friday, June 12, 2009

Storms, Vintage Sewing Stuff, other findings and vacation

Last year I was sitting on the back porch (it’s a mudroom/sunroom type thing) during a thunderstorm. I was studying for a probability and statistics exam **yawn**.
Everyone was in the main house, and I heard this huge cracking sound and blinding flash of light- lighting streaked across the sky and hit the neighbor’s tree house. After making sure I didn’t soil myself (scared the crap out of me) and making sure Sebastian didn’t soil himself (Scared the crap out of him) I looked and saw that the tree house had caught on fire.
Everything turned out ok, the tree was fine, the tree house was fine (after retrieving the burning foam chair from it and extinguishing it), and the dog was fine yadda yadda yadda.

This past Monday morning I was sleeping peacefully and this huge thunderstorm rolls in and actually wakes me up.
Quick side note: It takes A LOT to wake me up. Currently I live right down the street (like 3 blocks) from a fire station and 2 blocks from a train. I am NOT a light sleeper. I fall asleep and basically die.
Huge thunderstorm, very loud, the dogs jump on the bed with my fiancé and I and proceed to try to crawl up our rear ends. Another huge crack and flash of lighting (right past my bedroom window) scares the living bejeezus out of all 4 of us. Twenty minutes later I guess they noticed the place was on fire (the owners had left to go to work and drop the kids off at school). Fire trucks, police, and a whole lot of excitement going on at 7 am on a Monday morning!

Somehow this lighting thing broke my router. I have no idea why or how…my ISP was completely useless information-wise, but eventually I narrowed it down.

I was thinking, didn't Ben Franklin invent a lighting rod or something? and if he did, why the hell don't we have one around here? I mean, the same block got struck twice within 2 years, two of my neighbors have lost all their appliances (and they had surge protectors)!

Meanwhile I've been reorganizing my stash of vintage linens and household items, organized my lingerie inventory by color (it looks pretty...but can she find anything?!) and I managed to add more stuff to my ever growing collection of AWESOMENESS! like this very very very RAD vintage sewing box. Looks like a hatbox!

And I got around to cataloging my other vintage finds I've been hoarding for awhile now.

Swan Planter

Tin Box

This weekend = camping! Woot! taking a few days off. Have a good weekend!