Thursday, August 13, 2009

Depression Glass and research, sweet peas

Depression Glass

I was researching Amethyst Glass because I have a pretty little vase I wanted to put up in my Etsy Shop.

a tidbit of history about this glass:
From what I’ve researched, in 1907 Lewis E. Smith started as a chef with a mustard recipe. Confident in his mustard formula, he bought a glass factory to produce the jars for his mustard. Before long he became enamored with the glass making process and abandoned his mustard and focused on inventing new and improved pieces of glassware. In 1911, L.E. Smith left with his mustard recipe without a word. In the 1920s the company started producing colored glass, and in the late 1920’s they created a formula for black glass. Lewis E. Smith just up and left the company. Grabbed the recipe and left.

Weird and slightly amusing.


My sweet pea vines are finally established and blooming! I have a 'true' red, some white, two blue, an antique rose color and one magenta, which is great. There is an overabundance of pink flowers in my opinion. Variety is the spice...