Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Dog Emergency

Last night I was getting ready for my nightly run with Arthur, he is outside and just finishes his "business". My fiance calls while I'm getting Arthurs water dish and leash ready.

I open the door and a breeze comes by as he is going up the stairs and it slams the door on the tip of his tail.

He yelps like he is dying and I look over to see the tip of his tail is in the door...without Arthur attached to it.

It did not seem to bother Arthur at all, he was wagging his tail and happily spraying blood all over the entire kitchen. I got a closer look and immediately FREAKED out. The bone was showing. After overcoming a couple waves of nausea and being very lightheaded, I ran to the phone book to find the closest 24 hour emergency vet. (meanwhile Arthur is oblivious to the bloody mess he is making all over the place).

I find one and call, the lady snottily informs me that they are a walk in service. I rush to my car and throw a sheet on the back seats and usher Arthur in as quickly as possible.
He unquestioningly hops in, quite happy and excited we are going for a ride.

20 minutes later we are at the ER and after dragging my dog inside (He didn't like that place at all) the vet tech at the desk gives me 4 forms to fill out and asks for my credit card. For the vet to just look at him was $150.00. (fyi: Arthur was still spraying blood everywhere)

Then another different vet tech comes out and literally drags him to the back room.

Arthur is none to pleased with this, and I am starting to get upset. I mean why aren't they letting me stay with him? He would be a whole lot calmer and happier if I was nearby?

20 minutes later the Vet tells me that he needs the last bone of his tail removed because there is not enough skin to cover it. He also wanted to keep Arthur overnight. Something in my gut said "Oh but HELL no" and I asked if he could bandage it temporarily until I could take him to his Doctor.
About 10 minutes later yet ANOTHER vet tech gives me an "Estimate" for the shaving of the tail, bandage, and antibiotics. another $150.00. She also tells me that Arthur peed on the floor in the back which secretly made me very happy.

I sign the stupid thing and sit in the FREEZING cold waiting room covered in blood. After 30 minutes a yet ANOTHER different vet tech comes out literally dragging Arthur while wearing a huge satellite dish and a crappy nylon choker leash...not my leash. My dog is traumatized beyond my wildest dreams. He is panting and the whites of his eyes are showing, he bounds over to me and runs between my legs. I patiently explain that I would really like to have my leash back-I considered just leaving with my dog but out of spite I made her get my damn leash.

4 different vet techs have seen my dog plus the doctor himself. That is five different people in approximately 1 hour-while he is in pain, I am not around, strange place, sick dog/animal smell...

They totally traumatized my happy-go-lucky dog. It took me 1 1/2 hours to calm him down once we got home.

Today we went to HIS vet and tomorrow he is going in for surgery.

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