Monday, August 24, 2009

Solicitors, Vintage for Men, Back To School and Fall items, movies

Back to School!
A new section in my Etsy shop! MEN!

I have some awesome clothing I plan on including in the section. They include shirts, sweaters and button down shirts.

In honor of 'Mad Men' I finally posted many 60s dresses and separates:


The other day this 13 year old came to the door trying to sell my mom magazines so he could win this "Contest". When she told him she had no money he very rudely responded with "You can't afford $15 dollars?!" total little prick. So...
I made up a little sign.
I thought the "thanks" was pretty polite. In my town the amount of people wanting to sell, convert, or get you to donate to their worthy charity gets overwhelming.
Until now they were all polite, so I did not care. They understood "NO" and went away, but this rude little asshole made me angry so I had to retaliate.

Inglorious Basterds
Go see this movie. The shoes/clothes are INSANE. The movie is awesome and pretty damn funny. My fiance and I do not usually go to movies because I am hyperactive and I don't like sitting still that long...but this one was worth it.

Have a great week!