Friday, September 4, 2009

school, new inventory, total exhaustion

Man, I forgot what the first day at a new school was like. Nervous, lost, insecure...and that was just breakfast!

Being 31 years old and returning to a university is an interesting experience. I strongly suggest trying it if you haven't already.

I can't compare myself or even relate to these people. Totally different world! When the professor asked us our name, major and something interesting about ourselves I spouted off something lame about my dogs or my commute. They talked about going overseas and living in new zealand for a year or their summer trip to spain.

I mean, woah!

I guess if I had the financial backing of my parents, i would totally be on that-like a hobo on a ham sandwich!

I really miss community college :(


I have some awesome vintage separates available!
Designed by Sybil: a really neat secretary blouse with accordion pleated ruffles down the front and on the cuffs.

A pullover sweater, brand name LUCIFER. I'm not even kidding. this sweater is hot as hell. hahahahaha -

arabella blake brand secretary blouse in teal. knife pleats, pussy bow, kickass