Saturday, September 5, 2009

ISO - The perfect bag

Seriously, I have spent an inordinate amount of time looking for "My perfect bag".

I've mostly been searching online, bonanzle, etsy (of course) and *gagpukevomit* ebay.

Ecrater = slow, useless and so congested with crap with bad descriptions.

I've requirements for my perfect bag:
(1) absolutely must be leather. no freaking vinyl, no faux-leather, no pleather. I want LEATHER. It lasts a really long time and it looks great no matter what. Not that patchy shit either. solid pieces of leather.

(2) Color depends, but I'm open-minded and I love all colors. SOLID color, no prints or lame crap. I want this bag to last me a really really long time!

(3) A long strap that is wide enough to be comfortable. I walk on average 3 miles with this bad boy. Give me a break plz.

(4) NO LOGOS. Something small is alright. A subtle little word or something on the flap or the inside can have some label or what have you.
The reason I ABHOR post-1990 Coach bags is because of the big tacky "C" all over them and the Hang tags are all screaming "LOOK AT ME I SPENT A LOT ON A STUPID HANDBAG!"
I'm not going to advertise for a company after I buy their product. its self defeating and STUPID. Hell, if they gave me the bag for free - I'd reconsider. I'm being compensated for being a walking advertisement.

(5) at the absolute MOST I want 2 large compartments, little side compartments are great, I love them. But more then 2 I lose stuff and get really mad. I end up dumping the bag on the ground and shifting through the entire contents no matter where I am at.

(6) Should be able to fit 3 fairly large textbooks, a 1 1/2inch 3 ring binder, a smaller paperback, highlighters, a 5 subject notebook and pens and pencils. Minimum bulk preferred.

So on a positive note: I know one of my mistakes in photographing purses is: I never thought to take a photo of someone holding the bag. I was getting upset looking at bags without someone holding them because it is important to get an idea of size and perspective and all that.

So I'm going to be posting new pictures featuring someone holding the purse - not just the purse itself.

I wish I had the proper equipment to sew with leather :(! I would make everyone a custom bag for cheap - !