Saturday, September 12, 2009

do you remember the 80's?

I remember the 80s, for the most part. My childhood was the 80s.

The Berlin wall falling, the space shuttle Challenger exploding, the Iran-Contra scandal, the recession and Ronald Regan. I remember thinking Alex on Family Ties was funny, Silver Spoons, and Cheers.

I definitely remember the fashion: High Waisted Skirts and really thin belts or really really wide ones:

This hounds tooth pleated skirt really took me back. When I found it, I was like "wow, I think I owned a little-kid version of this!"

Everything has been low waisted for so long now, it will be hard to adjust back to wearing clothing- (Especially Jeans) "At the waist" or "high waisted"

I'm so used to pulling my pants up I wonder how many wedgies I'm going to eventually have to pick? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions?

I like the idea of the high waisted jeans coming back because there will be considerably less "Muffin Top" floating around. That really really really bugs me.

I also recall watching sitcoms like The Cosby Show, Designing women, The Facts of Life and seeing drop waisted dresses.

I owned one I used to wear to sunday school that was a sweatshirt - neon combination.

This color is amazing-if you look good sporting yellow, i highly reccomend this dress. First of all its all one piece, woo! No futzing around looking for the top or bottom piece. Its also easy to care for as its just wash and wear.

Size 14.

And where would fashion be if women did not steal clothing from their significant others?

The 'boyfriend' shirt in Miami Vice colors!

My babysitter (who was the coolest 15 year old girl in the universe) wore a shirt like this, a big banana clip in her hair with huge hoop earrings, along with leggings, slouchy socks and granny boots. The ultra wide waist cincher belt was of course obligatory.

I never had an opportunity to wear this particular style. It wasn't working with a 8 year old figure ;)

I remember swearing I would be just as fashionable as my babysitter though!

I'm eagerly anticipating the 1990's - I OWNED that decade hahaah.