Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sigh - Temptation

The hardest parts when selling vintage clothing: Not being greedy and keeping all the items you are supposed to be selling! -

I have had so many problems with this one lately. :( It seems that I have obtained inventory that is so impossibly cute I want to keep most of it for myself.

What really is difficult is justifying having 30 some full slips, 20 half slips, 13 camisoles, 28 pair of shoes....*cough* i won't tell you how many handbags i have. its just INSANE.

This dress for example: A white with black polkadots shirt waist dress. 3/4 sleeves, would look insanely cute with a pair of black mary janes, a cute black handbag with a belt and some beads...maybe black tights?

This blouse is the most vibrant and beautiful indigo blue color I have seen.

Soft silky fabric, peter pan collar, mandarin influenced front, sleeves are the perfect length.

Another top I want to keep - however, it does not fit me. Frustrating but at least I can talk myself out of keeping yet another item.

Sadly, I have the absolute PERFECT accessories for this one too.

Is this dress the most awesome dress ever?!

Doleman sleeves on the knit top, a pleated bottom with elasticized waist - twirly fun dress.

I think the bows on the shoulders are too cute.

Besides my own greed, I'm holding a sale at my etsy shop. I have some random items in there, I pick out a few items every day or so and take 25-50% off the original price and put them in this section.