Thursday, October 1, 2009

OMG! An actual Shoemaker

There is a seller on etsy who is a honest-to-god legitimate shoemaker...which I think is the ABSOLUTE RADDEST THING EVER.

I mean, she takes leather, and actually from scratch creates new foot wear!!! ACK THATISSOAWESOME!!

If I had any type of stick-to-it-ness, I would totally try to make my own shoes and boots. Ugh, that involves more than I can even fathom I am sure.

Empress Jade, who is my internet vintage retail seller hero... :) (Seriously, she has great stuff and really good taste) mentioned my one item on her blog, which made me insanely happy.

Halloween is coming, YAY! Halloween is my favorite holiday! Candy, costumes, candy...and candy...

My fiance totalled my car. Actually, it wasn't his fault at all, it was the huge chevy suburban with a little blonde lady driving it who totalled my car. My volkswagen is officially and totally dead. Part of my soul died with her :( It wasn't the car I drive everyday, I held onto it after I got the Hyundai as a 3rd car.

It was quite handy when another SUV backed into my fiance's car last month.

Seriously, he was at a stopsign and the guy just throws it in reverse and backs up.
The round hole in the bumper is from the guys exhaust.

Poor Paul :(

So how do you act when your fiance calls you and says "I just totalled your favoritest car you ever drove ever"??????

And here she is :(!!!!

So, in essence, its been a pretty interesting month.

I told Paul that he is to walk and get rides everywhere until his luck changes.