Monday, October 5, 2009

Boots, a bag for me, new vintage for j00!

So, I was at the store the other day, and this pretty girl is looking at handbags and I note she is wearing a really neat vintage sheath dress, with the GREATEST BOOTS EVER. So...I've been lusting brown leather knee boots - equestrian style.

Of course I could not find any without platforms, or 4 inch heels, or weird and crazy designs all up and down the I went on Ebay (which i hate - but i was on a frantic search and etsy didn't have anything reasonably priced or my size, nor did bonanzle, or whatever) and got myself a black pair and a brown pair of leather boots without insane heels

I also found my perfect bag. WOO! ok, its not absolutely perfect, but for what I wanted and need it sure is. I've wanted one of these in leather for years and i got it REALLY cheap!


ah...the Love hate relationship I have with clothing: I found the ABSOLUTELY MOST BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT 1950S VINTAGE WEDDING DRESS EVER.

Ah, and it didn't fit.

I figured it wouldn't fit me from the get go, but I saw the way it was constructed and I thought mom and I could figure something out so when I finally DO get married (like 4 years from now...i'm good at procrastination) I would have the most important part figured out.

and here she is. GOD I love this dress. Its so pretty. the back has some ripped netting and there is a small slice in the elbow - it needs to be drycleaned...but the tulle on the skirt is perfect and so is the front of the dress-its lacy, and so FLATTERING...*weep*

I posted it on Etsy at a insanely low price in hopes that someone else could enjoy this BEAUTIFUL gown. If you buy it please send me pictures of your big day so I can see someone else wear this fairytale princess gown.

Ah, and I got around to posting some unisex/mens clothing finally.
If my fiance wore this sweater, I would probably steal it from him a lot. Seriously, its warm, baggy and perfect for lounging around and reading a good trashy novel in. I do that with his stuff now, he hasn't complained (much) yet. :)

This is a new without store tags Leslie Fay Originals dress. the sash is attached and the cuffs are too cute.
AND...the awesome 80s power suit! Classic lines, very flattering, and perfect with a slip underneath!

School keeps me really super busy 60 hours a week (classes + studying) not to mention the 1 1/2 hour drive everyday. (45 minutes each way twice a day...5 days a week). Then there is my dogs who need to be walked twice a day, well arthur and I run everyday for an know...its busy as heck.

I'm probably going to be having a sale in 2 or 3 weeks in honor of ELECTION DAY! Because I know we all vote every single election! (Right?!) well, I do. :P

Have a great week!