Monday, October 19, 2009

Lingerie extravaganza!

I went to a wedding this past weekend, thank GOD for my enormous slip collection! You know whats weird? Not a single friend of mine owns a slip! They ask me for one every time they need one!? Guess what my friends are getting for christmas this year? *wink*
<--- for underneath your floor length formal gown. a long black princess seamed american maid size 36 full slip!
I've noticed more and more that contemporary dresses do NOT come lined as they used too. I think its because they are more opaque, however, it doesn't make the dress able to cover "muffin top" from ill fitting pantyhose. I think pantyhose are the bane of existence anyway.

I've noticed that Shapers are in demand lately! wow! even Walmart and Target have them! They are pretty brilliant, disguised as camisoles or tights they "firm" you up. I haven't gotten one yet...but I admire and respect the idea of them!

Of course the shapers aren't like traditional vintage shapers or girdles. I kind of thought it was cute how they aren't using the word "Girdle" either. Probably to get the baby boomers to wear them without thinking about Grandma. ;)

I was at Vanity Fair outlet stores a few weeks ago (again) to get some awesome bras cheap...and they had Marilyn Monroe Intimates stuff! If there was a single thing in my size I would have immediately grabbed it, but was all for those with a 'shapely' figure. I noticed Delta Burke has a beautiful line of plus sized lingerie as well. Seriously beautiful and feminine stuff! Again, nothing was even remotely in my size.

I was pretty happy to get my first grades back and they are all pretty much in the "A" range. I needed to get a laptop because distractions are really evil lately. Everytime I sit down to really concentrate and do homework I end up thinking about doing the dishes and vaccuming or something along those lines so I got a Toshiba Satellite (which I'm using right now). I have to get used to not having a mouse I suppose, but for taking notes in class and writing long boring research papers it will be very useful.

Arthur had his shots yesterday, When the Vet assistant took his temperature he was a really unhappy dog. I wish he wouldn't look at me like *I* am the one sticking a thermometer up know.

The Vet calls me an hour after I get home and tells me that Arthur has tested positive for Lyme.

Arthur has his Lyme vaccination, frontline, a flea and tick collar AND he has never been allowed near high grass and he lives in town with a fenced in yard. Ok, I’m anal retentive. I admit it. But I’ve NEVER seen a tick on the dog! I’ve never even seen a flea! So when the vet called me and told me this, I almost fell over, first of all I’m thinking “OMG MY BABY IS GONNA DIE” because of previous experiences with lyme disease in dogs.

So, I am praying to every god/goddess/entity out there that this is early enough that the antibiotics are going to work. They usually do, so I am just worrying about what could be....but man.

You would think after all the money i invested in ensuring he doesn't get lyme would have helped a little?! The vaccine, only 70% effective btw...the REALLY overpriced frontline for large breed dogs....