Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wearing Jewelry

Wearing Jewelry


Recently I started wearing earrings again, I was inspired by the hundreds of beautiful pairs on Etsy. I haven’t worn a pair of earrings since high school which was coughcoughcoughtwelveyearsagocoughcough.

I have my ears pierced 2 times on one side and three on the other. Initally I was thinking about just getting plain silver hoops and leaving them in until my ears healed again.

Well, this of course didn’t happen. The silver is BOOORING and I kept finding beautiful dangly earrings that I wouldn’t have dared put on back in highschool.

It’s weird how insecure I was.

Anywho…I got these moonstone jobbers, some dangly citrine colored earrings and I’m currently kind of at a crossroads here.

I have to confess, I’ve no idea how to wear jewelry. Previously I just wore my engagement ring and that is all. I have a lot of beautiful costume jewelry I would LOVE to wear but I have no idea how to match/coordinate any of it!

pair of vintage clip on earrings I recently acquired and wanna learn how to wear

Luckily, the blog "Fashion Jewelry" has tons of tips on wearing earrings!

The major point of the article is choosing according to face shape, complexion, and hair style.

- Not just for grandma anymore!

How does one wear a brooch?
Brooches customarily are supposed to go on some form of outerwear…IE a sweater or a coat.

I asked some of my thirty-something friends and the consensus was something like “Well, when my grammy wears one it is on a sweater to church or dinner”

So I ask: what if I wanted to wear a brooch on a t-shirt?

Response: “huh? Why would you do that? Just buy a tshirt with crap on it that looks like a brooch?”
Then I went on Yahoo Answers which is normally crap and totally irrelevant, but the one person suggested the versatility of a brooch which for a teenybopper was pretty creative and ingenious.

  1. Wear them in your hair with a gorgeous updo
  2. Pin the brooch onto a plain black ponytail elastic
  3. Pin them onto the Vee part of your neckline
  4. Pin them to a chain and wear as a necklace
  5. pin them to a thin plain ring and wear as a cocktail ring
  6. if your top is too big gather the fabric and use a brooch to pin it into place at the lower back of the garment (waist) or the bust of the garment in the front
  7. Wear on a lapel of a blazer, jacket, wintercoat
  8. wear them on your purse strap
  9. Put one as an accent on your hat
And many more. So now I know how to wear a brooch!

I'll have a second part to this post by midweek.

Have a fabulous sunday!