Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jewelry part deuce

Holy crap! Did you know there are about eleventy million types of necklaces in a billion lengths? There are a whole lot of tips and such to wear the appropriate necklaces too.

1. Short women should not wear long necklaces. (Makes sense right? – Detracts from your height and makes you look like a slave-midget or something I’m guessing)
2. Larger, “curvier” women shouldn’t wear anything tiny and dainty for the same reasons as short women shouldn’t wear long necklaces, because it makes you look bigger
3. Face Shape matters – if you are trying to lengthen your face don’t wear short necklaces, wear a longer chain. Same goes for short, heavy necks.
4. Age matters: if you don’t want to focus on the neck (ie: older individuals) don’t wear chokers. Chokers are for the younger generation.
5. You are allowed to mix metals!
6. 80’s style (with smaller beads) long ass necklaces are dope apparently. Looks best with a turtleneck.
7. Layered and multi-length necklaces are apparently really awesome right now
8. So are “statement” necklaces – overwhelming for me. I can’t handle a necklace bigger than my face but some women can pull them off and look fabulous. I say go for it.

So there are about thirty thousand other suggestions you can find on a variety of websites. I don’t think I am ready for those, I just started wearing earrings again!? So before I get all overwhelmed and go back to a naked neck…I’m going to just move on.

I Love bracelets but for me, they have a very short lifespan. (Seriously I wear them three or four times before I break them and cry =(). Being that I was born a complete klutz is the main reason, but second to that is I forget to take them off when washing my hands, playing with my dogs, changing my shirts (That gets messy and I get frustrated quickly).

My favorites are charm bracelets of any kind. Gold tone, silver tone, beads, lamp work, wood, plastic, and rhinestones– I love them all.

When I was a kid, I loved JELLY BRACELETS! Yay! You were considered the coolest kid ever if you had 60 or 70 of these bad boys on your arms.

Vintage bracelets are beautiful, so I avoid wearing the ones I do have because of their notoriously short lifespan with me. I have some from my great grandma I will probably never wear because of my issues with them.

If there are any bracelet rules I recommend ignoring them. :)

Lisner Vintage Costume Jewelry in my etsy shop.

I’ve heard that you should only wear ONE cocktail ring and nothing else (except a wedding band). Other rules are combination type rules. Don’t wear a flashy ring, huge earrings, a statement necklace and so on. This link has a bunch of stuff on wearing a cocktail ring appropriately and tips on buying them.

So there are other accessories but after all the info I have to absorb regarding jewelry...I'll lay off for now.

Jewelry can remake an outfit, highlight your features, make your life complete :)