Sunday, November 15, 2009

hazleton, pennsylvania

I went to my favorite place in the universe this weekend ;)

Its called "Remember When" in Hazleton, PA. the owner is Roseann Ettinger, who also is an author of 24-odd fabulous books on vintage collectibles including clothing, jewelry, ties, all types of fun. her store is amazing, simply AMAZING. it is a late 1800's mens clothing store almost completely restored complete with its manniquens and display shelving. On these racks are amazing instances of New Old Stock clothing from the 30's until the 60's, and its almost a museum!

I ended up leaving with this 1930's silk nightgown and a beautiful rayon dress from the 1940's (complete with belt!)
I can't wait to wear both of them!
Alas, Hazleton is an economically depressed area in north eastern PA.
After the discovery of Anthracite coal there were a few dozen Patch Towns created around Hazleton. (Patch towns are simply little towns that coal mining companies slapped together as homes for their employees.)

There were really nice shops and Hazleton was a very picturesque little town at one time. So, the story goes that it enjoyed a very prosperous time period from the 1800's until the 1940's and 50's.

The discovery of cleaner alternatives to coal were discovered. Alas, after WW2 everything went downhill.

Garment factories were a big part of the area as well, lest I forget to mention it. Alas, those went overseas in the 1970's and 80's.

Nowadays the town consists of a hotel that is a halfway house for ex-prisoners, I guess there was a sting operation and all these ex-prisoners were selling drugs out of the hotel and the FBI and all this crime ridden crap is going on...and Hazleton is a pretty big shithole. Pardon the terminology.

Hazleton Today:
Walk-In Bingo Parlor!

Remember When - Its beautiful inside! Notice the boarded up building beside it, really bums me out because its such a great store!
This is another abandoned piece of architecture that is absolutely beautiful, its a shame its rotting where it stands :( Exactly what it says.

it is really spelled "Hazleton", apparently a clerk spelled it wrong and its remained that way since.

So, that happy note...leads me to show off my awesome thrifted finds!

Mr. Scary Bunny Pants

A REALLY neat bag!


have a good week!