Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inadvertent Riot-inducement...oops

Last Sunday I saw the most amazing handbag at this secondhand store. It beckoned me across the store.

I moved several Louis Vuitton bags out of the way before I got a full view of the front...and I fell in love.

After admiring the clasps - 2 brass horse heads - the hexagon shape - the softest black suede EVER, I opened it and saw the word...Gucci...and immediately understood that there was no way that I would ever have enough money to buy this bag.

I contemplated a few hundred ways that I could raise the cash for it,
1. Its pretty much impossible to sell a kidney on the black market and probably a bad idea regardless, I may need it later.
2. A charity drive to get me a gucci handbag would most definitely fail.
3. Selling Pauls kidneys would probably earn me jailtime.

So I reluctantly put it back, with a tear in my eye, and went back home determined to forget about this bag.

1 hour later I'm searching Etsy for Gucci handbags to get an idea how much one costs, if I could even find one like this particular model, if maybe some other shopping sites have them....

I put in the search terms GUCCI BAG in Vintage and get a Vera Bradley bag, I do it again for Coach Bag just to be sure and Vera Bradley comes up again?

Now, I've done searches for Vanity Fair, Van Raalte, Barbizon Slips and lingerie many many times and have gotten obscure vintage brands that have nothing to do with vanity fair or barbizon or van raalte. Its frustrating. I was feeling frustrated over not being born rich so I could have purchased the Gucci Bag...So I guess somewhere I just kind of snapped....and left a post on the help portion of the Etsy Forums.

I went to bed shortly after that...feeling better surprisingly...and when I checked "my topics" whoa...

300 responses? apparently this is a problem that not only I have had issues with?

Regardless, its still going on and I'm apologetic in a way because I didn't mean to get everyone all riled up...

Well, sort of. ANYWAY

in my shop i have a section called "Vintage Specials"

I am going to be doing collections of items:

IE: if you are a size 32, there will be a collection of lingerie especially for your size. A couple of full slips, half slips, camisoles, nighties and nightgowns to start a vintage boudoir the right way ;)

oh! I got a domain too!