Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving, updates

Thanksgiving break was fantastic, it went by so fast though....:( I was out on black friday and finished a good percentage of my xmas shopping already. Now all I have to do is get my dads gift. I know what I want to get him, but the only place I can really get it is *shudder* ebay.

I put up a few household linens over at my etsy shop.

This tablecloth is a small square, i think it was intended for a little breakfast nook or something. The corners each have a little chiffon pocket for a linen napkin. The embroidery is very cute, little guys (people?) wearing sombreros, I think. any other interpretation is acceptable. I found this tablecloth in its box, never before removed! Its such a cute little piece.

and then there are the dish towels made of linen. None of these have been used before either. I'm guessing they were bought as souvenirs, taken out of a suitcase, folded up and promptly forgotten about for many years. This one is a patriotic theme with homey touches. It still has its tag on it reading "Stonelea Mills"

Lastly, this dish towel is from PA Dutch (aka PA German) culture area. The hex signs are painted on barns around here. Its a cute little towel with a red barn on a wood grain background. The meaning of the hex signs is completely unknown to me.

I put some more blouses up last week, a black on black striped silky blouse with a really pretty ruffled collar and bodice and a red blouse with a big red bow and ruffled collar with cuffs:

Some more blouses like this Haymaker sleeveless knit blouse are great for holiday parties and such. Under an appropriate cardigan or blazer it would be fabulous:
Some other cardigans, nightgowns and other fine garments are availible as well. the sale ends soon so I reccomend visiting soon before it ends!