Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hi, beautiful stuff, but I have a quick question.

Why in the HELL would you need a 11 by 13 box for 2 pieces of tiny lingerie wrapped in tissue paper? Use the flat rate envelope - they have them for free from the USPS website too!

OR: For fifty cents at your local dollar store you could pick up an bubble mailer envelope, throw the fifty cents on your auctions start price and save 6 bucks on shipping. You can insure those too! the items would be safer because they are encased in waterproof plastic, (Not tissue paper and newspaper), you are saving countless trees from being doomed to cardboard-dom, you are saving your customers tons of money in postage, and you can insure the damn package if you are concerned.

Yea, I wrote the seller after receiving the last package. Great stuff...STUPID seller.