Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adamstown, Pennsylvania...the sequel

I never thought I would say this, but I am totally sick of antiques. ha!
We hit up 9 antique malls and an antiques show this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

So, upon our entering the first antique mall, Paul immediately found stuff to look at...
Wheee...fishing lures.

The thing I really don't like about antique malls is the amount of junk you have to look through in order to find something awesome. Some dealers use their stalls as a depository for the household crap they accumulated throughout the 1990's.

Ok, the barber chair drew me in, its AWESOME. If I had the physical space and mechanical knowledge, I would be using this as a computer chair.
It cost 2,000.00 and well..that was way over my budget for a chair. neat details though!

By the way...
Longaberger baskets are NOT antiques. They are collectibles on some level, but there is a glut of the stupid things and in 20+ years if they are still sought after I'll be surprised.

Did Fran Drescher approve this doll? *shudder* Funny thing is, later that evening we were flipping through channels in our hotel room and saw a rerun on WE or some channel. Of course we watched it. We proceeded to watch 3 episodes of House. The only time I watch television is on vacation. Sad right?

Was "The Pussycats" a cartoon? I thought it was "Josie and the Pussycats" ?

One of the purchases I made was this train / makeup case. I seriously needed one, and this one was appropriate. Check out the key:
Cute right?
These were in the Mad Hatter antiques mall I believe. The TV's were so neat! We didn't get much time in here though, some old guy told us (quite rudely) they were closing at 4:45pm so we got out of there. Why are all antique mall employees total jerks?
This washing machine caught Paul's eye. I told him he could get it if he was going to do the laundry with it.
I thought about getting this ceiling lamp for my nephew, but I don't want to pay his therapy bills later on in life. Another lamp caught my eye as well. Paul nearly peed himself in fear over this one... Their little crazy eyes glow at night. Now this would seriously give me issues if I was a little kid. Imagine these glowing and staring at you...ugh...

Overall, it was pretty damn overwhelming to say the least. There was so much stuff! Seeing repeats of the same stuff over and over..

I'll post more pictures on thursday, have a great week!