Friday, March 5, 2010


Even if it is only 6:30am on a Friday Morning, I am in a super-dooper-fabulous mood.

Because spring break starts today at approximately 11:50am, right after my second class.
I have it planned already....
  1. At least 3 of the seven days I will be an unproductive sloth. I will not get out of my pajamas until noon, and I will forgo all productive tasks in order to watch Oprah and lay on the sofa with my dogs for hours and drink coffee.
  2. I have a vacation planned in Adamstown, Pennsylvania. "THE ANTIQUES CAPITAL OF THE USA!!". I've been there before, its pretty neat. I'll take pictures.
  3. I will update my shop with some of the neatest stuff I have accumulated. I have been so busy that after I washed all of it, I promptly forgot about it.
I have my ethnography project started, "the initial phase" anyway. I have the Internal Review Boards research permission application all filled out, now all I need is their approval. I am pretty excited about doing this project. My Ethnography is going to be on the micro-culture of being an antique dealer. I have an excuse to ask questions I've wondered about for years!

I've been mournfully looking at flip flops, sandals and slides with a sense of true longing in my heart. If spring sucks this year as bad as it did last year, I think I am going to seriously contemplate moving ... to a desert.

It was really pathetic the other day when I put on a pair of my open toed 'summer' shoes and walked around the house with them on . . . pretending it was summer. :(!

My fiance thinks I'm nuts. ha! if he only knew...

:D YAY! have a great day.