Monday, March 22, 2010

shoes, shoes, shoes!

I just put up 5 pairs of very awesome shoes in my shop:

Real reptile skin pumps, I think they are snake skin? Beautiful, only worn one time, hardly any wear, no flaws. Size 8 1/2 medium! get them!

Very neat black lace heels, size 8 1/2 medium as well. Get them!

Another pair NOS reptile skin pumps in periwinkle blue (the pictures make them look more purple). Size 8 1/2 M - get them

Sheer Silver Embroidered Silver pumps, size 10! get them!

Another size 10 - these aren't real reptile, faux snakeskin opentoed beauties Get them!

I have one more pair to put up tonight, they are faux crocodile skin shoes, I believe in a size 10, they are GORGEOUS!