Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I seriously *LOVE* the weather, hence my lack of posts.
I won't apologize, it wouldn't be genuine. I'm pretty sure nobody is hanging on every single word I type - haha!

I want to share with you some items I found on Etsy that make me cry...mostly because they are so awesome, so GREAT, so not my size or not in my price range. :(
this is from Planetclairevintage. A new with tags 1950s dress made of blue rayon crepe. Seriously, this is the most gorgeously tailored piece. I have a pattern that is similar, but me getting around to actually making it...uh...I think this is more late 40s, but I'm being picky. :D

These shoes are SO RAD. 1940s VintiqueVixenVintage. Too small :(!


There are other pairs of shoes in her shop that make me weep and gnash my teeth at the unfairness of my foot size, but these two are the greatest.

From Atticville:
with a $345.00 price tag...I can't afford it. Totally worth it I am sure. Its new old stock, in an insanely tiny size.

This dress...! from clevervintage

First of all, I need someplace to go to wear it, frankly if I owned it, I would wear it to the supermarket .... just to wear it!

That's all for now

have a great day!