Monday, May 17, 2010

Gardens, Mothers Day, Stuff

My garden this year is absolutely FABULOUS! The grass is a little crappy, slowly but surely the entire bag of grass seed I planted is coming up. The roses are particularly beautiful this year:
The Pink roses are "Old Fashioned Roses" they smell really pretty. The peach colored roses are some hybrid tea type. In my expert opinion they are "The Peach Colored roses"
Until this year, I had no idea that Rosemary flowered!? This was out all winter and somehow it survived. (All the other stuff died). Being that I live in PA and it snowed four isn't like it didn't freeze? Whatever, its pretty though. Its one of my favorite herbs to cook with too, Fresh Rosemary, some chicken and olive oil sauteed is the tastiest thing ever.

I adore this color Lobelia. Its GORGEOUS! Unfortunately, the rabbits like to eat it. The local rabbits also eat marigolds. They are very weird rabbits with a taste for pretty annuals.
From Wikipedia: English names include Lobelia, Asthma Weed, Indian Tobacco, Pukeweed, and Vomitwort.
Well, The rabbits eat it, I'm not sure if they vomit it up or not. Apparently it is used for food poisoning to induce vomiting.
I found a way to keep Rabbits out of the garden this year! Mothballs! It works so well! (Though, my entire yard smells like an old persons attic.)
This is where I have been the last couple weeks. Laying on my hammock like a beached sea creature - reading books that have no educational value at all. =D
(I bought myself a gift for surviving 8am classes).

Paul bought me a mothers day gift: A basket of flowers "From the Dogs" which I thought was hilarious and very sweet of him.
Arthur squinting at me.

Ah, he was kind enough to roll around in poison ivy and a few hours later rub up on my legs. (I am allergic to poison ivy). Now I have these lovely blistery rash-like grossness on my right leg. Its good times. Apparently 15% of people don't have the reaction. I seriously envy them.

Don't look at the pictures without a strong stomach. Its freaking disgusting - UGH

I'm sewing again. I bought a bunch of 1940's sewing patterns over the winter and I've had vintage fabric for I figured I would take this last week off before classes begin again (I'm taking a summer class) and make myself some super cute clothing.

I'll be sure to take pictures of anything I complete.

Last but not least, here are some awesome items I've recently put in my etsy shop.
The black one is an Olga, the yellow one is a shadowline. the other two are beautiful

The dress is a sheer searsucker dress from the 40s-ish, and the brown with polkadots is the perfect fathers day gift!