Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.

I was done with summer session one classes last week (finally), and due to the insane out-of-pocket costs, I decided against summer session two classes. Besides, I wanted to take a vacation this year with the dogs and the fiancé.

One full week at the beach at a pet-friendly bed and breakfast – there is a dog-friendly beach down the road! The first week of August, I will be loading up the dogs and trekking down the east coast to Virginia.

We are going camping (with Arthur – Sebastian is staying home with friends due to his heart condition) and hiking next weekend at Ricketts Glen again this year. I cannot stay away from that state park- it is too amazing!

My Etsy Shop has been my focus for the past week or so...I have been taking inventory that I have aquired over the last several months and putting it up (finally - now that I have the time!).

I came to the conclusion that I would rather just focus on apparel, I don't know enough about jewelry and accessories to keep going. So I'm putting the last of the jewelry and hankies up and these will be the last ones!

Necklace in my shop. This says "West Germany" on the clasp.

New Old Stock Rhinestone Necklace

Knick-Knacks and Figurines!

Hear/Speak/See no evil monkeys

Vintage ceramic set of hanging monkeys