Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shadowline Lingerie Inc., what happened

I was at school today looking up articles for my speech on "Alcohol and Hangovers" (ha) and I got bored reading about the congeners in bourbon.  (go figure) SO...I utilized the search function and looked up Shadowline, Inc.
there was one blurb in one newspaper in 2008,
MORGANTON LINGERIE MAKER TO SHUT DOWN ShadowlineInc ., a Morganton lingerie manufacturing company that sells its products in 61 countries, will close next year. Company president Sherrod Salsbury, whose father started Shadowline in 1946, said he informed his 85 employees of the decision Friday. Salsbury said he doesn't know in which quarter the plant will close. He said foreign competition and the bad economy are forcing him to abandon his family business.

Well, I looked up Morganton via Google Maps (Who doesn't adore google-seriously?) and VIOLA!
shadowline via google maps
And for the heck of it, I looked up the url figuring it dead or something

Shadowline Lingerie
I guess they are coming back!  Wow right?  They have a mailing list that you can sign up for if you want updates on their progress. 

Shop!  its on sale, a Shadowline babydoll top and panties!

On that note, I have a speech to write, a test to study for and history and theory of anthropology to read.  yay.