Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Dresser, The dress, and shoes

I found this dresser a few weeks ago on the curb near my house.  Arthur and I were taking a walk and there it was...

This dresser caught my eye due to the art-deco like look of it and the sleek smooth lines.  no sharp edges, all just flowing and lovely. 

It now has a place of honor in my stockroom.  I can always find stuff to put in a dresser, and the drawers are large and awesome.

I had a wedding this past weekend, (yay!) and a chance to dress up finally!
I wore my favorite dress ever.  I purchased this dress about a year or so ago at "Remember When" in Hazelton. 

The rad as hell shoes?  Authentic 1940s opentoe suede pumps.  I got those on Etsy.  Pardon the expression on my face, Paul isn't very good with timing a photo and I think I was getting lipstick off my teeth..

The dress is perfect, and it is comfortable!  There is a fabulous peplum, rutched waist amongst other details that make me wish I owned a closet full of nothing but 1940's clothing.  This hair tutorial saved me so much time! I just skipped the last part and I was good to go.  She has a blog as well with tons of tutorials.

 I was going through my shoes, and I found these beautiful suede (maroon) spring-o-lators.  I'm contemplating selling them.  I don't really know if I can seperate myself from them...but I haven't worn them at all yet.

They are fabulous, but a little too big for me.  (Size 9 and I'm an 8 1/2)